On Monday 11th May 2015 pre-school got a special delivery of 8 ready to hatch eggs. They were carefully placed in an incubator and then we just had to wait for the chicks to make an arrival. By Tuesday tea time we had witnessed 3 chicks hatch and then in the night a further 4 just leaving one left. The chicks was transferred into a brooder box so that they had more space for them grow and move around in. The children loved watching them growing. Finally on Thursday night the last egg had hatched, giving us 7 boy chicks and 1 girl. The children decided to name them after snow white and the seven dwarfs. After a week of having them we were finally able to get them out and hold them. On Friday 22nd May it was time for the chicks to move on and start there adventure at the farm. All the children and staff really enjoyed the experience. Here are some photographs of our time: